Who are your instructors, and how are they selected?
Our instructors are qualified people from Aberdeen and surrounding communities. Many of the instructors are professionals in their areas, while others have an extensive knowledge of their subject matter. Instructors are selected for their knowledge and skill areas as well as their desire to share their talents and ability to teach a vareity of students. All instructors are screened by the City of Aberdeen's Personnel Department and must pass a background check.

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1. What type of classes do you offer?
2. How do I register for a class?
3. Do you offer any scholarships?
4. What is the cancellation policy for classes and activities?
5. Do you prorate your fees?
6. How do I know where my class will be held?
7. Should I bring my own supplies to classes, or are supplies provided?
8. Do you offer childcare for the children adults who are registered for classes at the ARCC?
9. My child is registered for two classes, but one class begins much later than the first one ends. Is there a place for him/her to wait until the next class?
10. Is there an area to get snacks if my child will be at the ARCC for an extended period of time?
11. Do you offer classes for special groups?
12. Who are your instructors, and how are they selected?
13. How may I become an instructor at the ARCC?