Flood Plain Management

  • Click here to view the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer showing the 500 year and the 100 year flood plains with a variety of base maps
  • To view the Aberdeen City Natural Hazards Map showing the 100 year flood plain, flood ways, levies and street addresses click


  • The City of Aberdeen is a Community Rating System Participant. As a result, residents who have flood insurance for their property are able to receive a discount on their flood policy. The City Engineering Department is willing and able to provide information regarding Flood Insurance Rate Maps and additional items such as Firmettes or historical information. To inquire about Flood related items contact the Engineering Department at 626-7017, or e-mail robin.bobzien@aberdeen.sd.us, or stu.nelson@aberdeen.sd.us
Below are various informational Floodplain Management Brochures click on the brochure that you wish to view

Building Permits in the Flood Plain
As a condition of joining the National Flood Insurance Program, the City of Aberdeen must enforce rules of building in a FEMA regulated Floodplain. This brochure explains the 50% rule for substantial damages and substantial improvements.

Flood Insurance 101 - Detailed information on why flood insurance is important and answers frequently asked questions about flood insurance.

Flood Insurance vs Disaster Assistance - A listed breakdown of the pros and cons of Flood Insurance vs Disaster Assistance/Relief.

FEMA Refund Fact Sheet 2014 - An eligibility breakdown for a refund to those that purchased flood insurance through the NFIP starting in 2013 and going to the middle of 2014.

FEMA FAQs - Informational brochure answering various FEMA related floodplain questions.

Residential Preferred Risk Breakouts
- This National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) brochure gives background information and a monetary breakdown of coverage and risk policies for homes/properties that are not within a FEMA regulated floodplain.

FIRM Map Information - A detailed explanation when looking at a Flood Insurance Rate Map and where you can find them.