War Memorial

Aberdeen Regional Airport War Memorial

The three monuments in front of our War Memorial Building were dedicated at the airport terminal on Veterans Day beginning with the Victory soldier in 2003, the Combat soldier in 2004, and the Aftermath soldier in 2005. By now everyone in our town has heard the name Benjamin Victor.

About the Artist

The young artist Benjamin Victor, graduate of Northern State University, designed our monument to tell the story of war.
Combat Victory Aftermath_300.jpg

Understanding the Memorial

Reading from left to right, the monument starts by visually depicting the actuality of the war with Combat soldier. The central figure in the grouping is the Victory soldier. He represents the ideal purpose of war, the victory of American values, freedom justice, democracy, and so many of the other precepts our country holds as true. The third figure is a female representing the aftermath of the war. She is a visual metaphor for the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that our soldiers and experience after war. As she crouches on the opposite of the Combat soldier, the Aftermath soldier holds the final icon, a single rose.

With the icons of the weapon, the flag, and finally the rose in place, the sculpture represents the reflections of our nation as we take the time to contemplate, heal, and learn from war so that peace can eventually be attained.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation towards the upkeep of the memorial, please contact the Aberdeen Regional Airport at 605-626-7020.