Harison's Yellow

Harison's Yellow

Harison's Yellow
Image courtesy highcountryroses.com

Group/Class – Species Rose

Description – Harison’s Yellow is the historic rose of the American West. Introduced in 1824, it is also known as the Oregon Trail rose or the yellow rose of Texas. Thickets of this rose can still be found along the Oregon Trail. Pioneers headed west carried cuttings of this rose with them. Stems are very thorny. Bright yellow blooms cover arching canes in early spring. Reaching 5 to 6 feet with ferny foliage and an upright habit, it will produce suckers and form a briar clump if allowed.

Color – Medium, semi-double yellow

Bloom repeat – Blooms once

Fragrance Strength – Light

USDA Hardiness Zone – 3

Height – 5-6 feet

Width – 5-6 feet