Pet Information and Requirements

Licensing And Rabies Control

All dogs and cats within the City limits and over the age of six months must be licensed and display a license tag at all times. In addition, proof of a current rabies vaccination by a registered veterinarian is required for all dogs and cats and must be presented to the City Treasurer's Office at the time of license application. All dog or cat licenses shall expire upon the expiration date of the rabies inoculation as shown on the furnished rabies certificate. A license can be purchased at City Hall at the City Treasurer's Office. For additional information call 605-626-7026.

Impounded Animals -- Fees and Retrieval

Animals picked up for being at large or for other reasons by the Animal Control Officer or police officer are taken to the City Animal Shelter (Aberdeen Area Humane Society) at 2511 385th Ave, Aberdeen SD, phone number 605-226-1200.

You may call the above-listed number to check if your pet is at the City Animal Shelter between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Contacting the City Animal Shelter to pick up your pet must be done between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. When you pick up your animal, there will likely be fees that are required to be paid before the animal is released. Also, you may be required to provide documentation of rabies vaccination prior to the animal’s release.

Before driving out to the shelter, call first. If there is no answer, leave a message with your contact information, and someone will return your call.

Leash Laws/Animals At Large

No person owning or having possession, charge, custody or control of any mammal, reptile, insect, bird or amphibians in the City shall permit such creature, as the result of being staked or otherwise tethered or contained, to go beyond the boundaries of the person’s real property. Any mammal, reptile, insect, bird or amphibian in the City or in any area controlled by the City shall be deemed to be running at large within the meaning of this article when such creature is not confined on the premises of its owner, or restrained by a non-retractable leash no greater than six feet (6’) in length, a retractable leash no longer than sixteen feet (16’) in length, provided that such retractable leash is retracted to six feet (6’) in length whenever the creature is within thirty two feet (32’) of any other human or creature. This provision shall not apply in City-designated off-leash dog parks or private property where the dog is a guest. Pets cannot be tied up in such a manner so they have the ability to reach a public sidewalk, street or alley.

Animal Disturbing the Peace

No person owning and no person keeping, harboring or having on property occupied by him or her any creature, licensed or unlicensed, confined on the premises or otherwise, shall suffer or permit such creature to disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood by persistent or constant barking, howling, whining, snarling, or growling or any such sound that disturbs his neighbors. In addition to said creature possibly being impounded, the owner of the creature and/or the occupant of the property on which the creature is being kept or harbored during the times that the creature is disturbing the peace shall be subject to a fine as authorized under the City’s Animal Ordinance.

Pet Waste

No person shall allow any mammal, reptile, insect, bird or amphibian to defecate or urinate on any property in the City other than his own. If such a creature does defecate upon public or private property, the person owning or having possession, charge, custody or control of such creature shall immediately and thoroughly clean the fecal matter from such property.

Any person accompanied by any creature in public or private property other than his or her own must carry with him or her visible means of cleaning up any fecal matter left by their animal. Service animals, animals used by law enforcement and animals used in parades are exempt from these provisions.

No person will allow creature fecal matter to accumulate on his or her property to a point where it allows a foul odor or attracts insects.

Dangerous and Vicious Animals

A City police officer or animal control officer may initiate an investigation into the dangerousness of any mammal, reptile, insect, bird, fish or amphibian based on his observations upon the official complaint of any adult person, deemed credible, who has observed such behavior or by an attending physician who has treated an individual for animal caused wounds.

In addition, no person may keep within the City any potentially dangerous creature, as per section 6-39, or any creature that has been declared dangerous/vicious under section 6-36 unless such creature is registered yearly with the City and a permit fee in the amount of $150.00 is paid to the City. Such permit for maintaining a dangerous/vicious animal shall be presented to any law enforcement officer or animal control officer upon demand.

Additional Information for Aberdeen, SD Pet Owners

Ducks, geese, chickens or other domestic fowl within the City limits are strictly prohibited, except for pigeons kept within the provisions of the City’s Animal Ordinance.

Exotic animals such as monkeys, alligators or such type of creature are also not allowed. “Wild and Exotic Creature” means any mammal, reptile, insect, bird, fish, or amphibian which is naturally inclined to do harm and/or capable of inflicting harm upon human beings. Snakes, spiders, and such require very good containment and certainly are not allowed to run loose.

Pets must have adequate shelter from the weather, a steady supply of water, adequate food and medical care.

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer may be contacted at 605-626-7911 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.