While in Your Vehicle

Protect Yourself While in Your Vehicle

  • Keep your doors locked and windows rolled up at all times.
  • Be sure your house, garage, and driveway are well lit.
  • Always check the back seat of your car before entering.
  • When you go out, be sure to let someone know your destination, route, and expected time of return.
  • Keep your car properly maintained.
  • Use busy, well-lit streets whenever possible.
  • Be sure you have enough gas to get to your location.
  • Leave your car in gear when you have to stop at intersections.
  • If you wish to help a stranded motorist, do not stop, go to the nearest phone, and call for help.
  • If you think you are being followed by another car, do not go home. Drive to the nearest police department, fire station, open gas station, or other well-lit, populated place. Do not get out of your car. Use your horn to summon help.
  • If your car breaks down in an isolated area, turn on emergency blinkers, raise your hood, get back into your car as quickly as possible, then lock your doors and keep the windows rolled up. If someone stops, ask that they send for help. Do not get out of your vehicle or accept a ride.
  • If someone tries to force their way into your car, blow the horn and flash your lights.
  • Always park in a well-lit, busy location.
  • If you park during the day and are planning to return at night, park near street and building lights.
  • Stay alert and attuned to things going on around you. Do not leave the car if you observe any suspicious persons in the area.
  • Have your car key ready before you approach the car so you do not make yourself vulnerable while searching for the right key.
  • When you reach home, leave your car lights on until the garage door is open and have your house key ready before you get out of the car.
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