Paving of Alleys

City Services Available

Many neighborhoods have decided they would like to have a paved alley. The city does not pay for the improvements, however, it will provide many of the services needed to reduce the costs to adjacent landowners.

Obtaining an Estimate

If a neighborhood is interested in paving their alley, they need to get an estimate from a paving company to perform the work. The neighborhood must circulate a petition to adjacent landowners to find out who is interested in paying for the improvements. If some of the landowners are not interested in paying for the improvements, the ones interested may elect to pay for the non-interested share.

Presenting the Petition

Upon determining who is willing to pay for the improvements and/or their share, the neighborhood can contact the Engineering Department at 605-626-7017 and present the petition showing that the neighbors will pay for the improvement.

Paving the Alley

The department will survey the alley and design the alignment and grade line for the improvement. The Street Department will then provide all of the necessary excavation and gravel for the alley improvement. After that time the paving contractor will take care of the remainder of the construction.