Internship Program

About the Program

The Aberdeen Police Department recognizes that a close working relationship with the community is imperative for effective operation. This includes working with local high schools, colleges, and universities in the development of a student internship program.

The student internship program provides students with the opportunity to observe and participate in designated activities within the department. In addition, the department can observe police applicants in action. The focus of the program will be to offer the students a variety of exposure within the department.

Learn about eligibility requirements, and review additional program details.

Scheduled Briefings

To help give the interns a better understanding of the department, briefings will be scheduled by the services division commander with individual units in the department. Each unit will provide an explanation of their functions and how they relate to the agency as a whole.

Requesting Letters of Documentation or Reference

At the end of the term, the services division commander will present the intern with a certificate of achievement for the completion of their internship with the Aberdeen Police Department. The intern may request that a letter of documentation and/or a letter of reference be prepared by the services division commander. This letter will be placed in their file and sent to potential employers at their written request.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Services Division Commander at 605-626-7062. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.