Chaplain Program

Program Functions

The primary mission of the chaplain program is to provide spiritual guidance, counseling, education, training, and nonsectarian functions. Chaplains serve those in need during emergencies, which may strengthen the service provided by the department to the community.

On-Call Situations

A chaplain will be on call to provide assistance by responding in situations including:
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Assistance to officers providing death or serious injury notifications
  • Bereavement counseling
  • Domestic disturbances
  • Attendance at the hospital for incidents of serious injury or death among employees and the performance of duties as appropriate
  • Lonely and/or despondent persons
  • Participation in funeral or memorial services for active or retired members, and assistance to family members in preparation of funeral arrangements
  • Responding as requested to the site of major incidents or disasters, which may include natural disasters, aircraft crashes, vehicle accidents, or civil disturbances
  • Spiritual or pastoral counseling request of members and their family
  • Suicide attempts
  • Visitation of sick or injured members at their home or place of confinement

Become a Chaplain

Clergy who are ordained or have credentials by a recognized church or religious organization are eligible to become a chaplain. For more details on how to become a chaplain, please contact the support services captain at 605-626-7911.