Campus Policing

Department & Campus Partnership

Northern State University (NSU) currently contracts an Aberdeen police officer to provide safety and security to the NSU community.

This mutual partnership has been of tremendous value to both NSU and the Police Department.
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Officer Functions

The NSU officer forms partnerships with the administrative staff, university department members, student groups, alumni associations, residence halls, and students both on and off campus.

Presentations & Classes

During the year, the NSU Officer is called upon to make presentations, teach classes, and work closely with groups affiliated with Northern State University. Topics covered may include:
  • Alcohol enforcement and penalties
  • Date rape
  • Illegal drugs
  • Personal safety and security
  • Theft prevention
The NSU officer also patrols the campus, performs building checks, and works with university staff to resolve law enforcement issues and concerns.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Aberdeen Police Department at 605-626-7911. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.