Recreational Trail Rules

Trail Rules

The Park and Recreation Board has adopted rules governing the proper use of the recreational trails so that everyone using the trails may have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Restricted Activities

  • Horses are prohibited on the trails
  • No motorized bicycles or vehicles are allowed

Pedestrian Responsibilities

  • Be alert and aware of bicyclists / skaters
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times
  • Walk to the right
  • Wear bright clothing when walking at night

Bicyclist / Skater Responsibilities

  • Be alert at all intersections
  • Control your speed
  • Give an audible warning and pass on the left
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals
  • Ride single file when passing or being passed
  • Ride to the right
  • Use proper hand signals when turning
  • Yield right of way to pedestrians
  • Yield when entering or crossing a trail


For more information regarding trail rules, call the Aberdeen Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department at (605) 626-7015.