Forestry Technical Services

Planting trees


The city forester performs inspections of privately owned trees to determine insect, disease, or structural / physical problems. Property owners can call the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Division at 605-626-7015 to schedule an inspection or on-site visit.

Dutch Elm Disease

The Forestry Division identifies American elm trees infected with Dutch Elm disease on public property. The first inspection is completed sometime in early June, followed with a second survey in August. Homeowners with infected trees are notified by the Forestry Division.

Tree pruningTree Pruning

The pruning of boulevard trees is prioritized on an as-needed basis. If your boulevard tree has dead limbs that may be hazardous to pedestrian or vehicle traffic, it will receive attention from the Forestry Division personnel or a contracted tree service.

If your boulevard tree needs pruning to improve the appearance of the tree or limb height needs to be adjusted, forestry personnel or a contracted tree service will schedule the work during the tree's dormant period.

For further information concerning your boulevard trees, please contact the city forester at 605-626-7015 to schedule an on-site inspection.