Meter Division


The Meter Division maintains all the metering systems within the water distribution and service system under the city’s jurisdiction. In addition, the department provides all of the readings for the utility bills on a monthly basis for residential and commercial customers. Workers perform other duties as needed to fill in voids in the overall department, including manpower on weekends and holidays.

Purchasing of approved water meters for use in the City of Aberdeen

The City of Aberdeen has had a small change in how the City in conjunction with plumbers and contractors will be dealing with purchasing approved water meters for residential and commercial properties in Aberdeen. At this time there is no longer a local supplier for Badger meters that would be a convenient local outlet for supply and purchase of the meter assembly. The City of Aberdeen has decided to purchase the various sizes of meters in bulk and sell them to the contractors. The process of purchasing a meter start when the building permit is obtained. For residential usage, the model 25 or 55 will be the typical meter used, unless specific needs are exhibited in building plans.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to contact the Public Works Office at 626-7011.

Fire Hydrant Meters

Contractors who would like to apply for the use of a City owned fire hydrant meter to supply water for large construction projects may call the Public Works Office 605-626-7011, or stop in person at the Public Works Office. Once the application has been approved the $500.00 cash deposit must be paid before the hydrant meter is installed by Utility Personnel. For more information regarding hydrant meter use contact Public Works 605-626-7011. 

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