Recycling Program

The Blue Recycling Bin

All households paying for City trash collection in the City of Aberdeen should have a blue recycling bin. If you do not have a bin or you need an extra bin, please contact Dependable Sanitation at 605-225-9316. 

Your recycling bin stays at your current residence. If you move, do not take the bin with you. Leave it for the next recyclers who move into your house. If your bin is damaged, please call Dependable Sanitation at 605-225-9316 to obtain a replacement. 

Please remember that plastic gloves, masks, and medical tubing cannot be put in the recycling bin at home.

Recycle Bin

Recyclable Materials & Preparation Requirements

Download a detailed listing of accepted recyclables and how to prepare them to be recycled.

Recycling Pick-Up

Place rinsed plastic jugs and cans together directly in your blue recycling bin. All lids go in trash. These materials do not need to be kept separate. They are sorted during collection. All papers should be placed in paper sacks and positioned so the material will not blow out. Cardboard must be flattened and placed in or under blue bin.

Recyclable items must be placed in the blue bin to be picked up. Make sure to put the blue bin curbside on your scheduled trash pick-up day by 7:00 am. Please don't use garbage bags for your recycling.

Please note:
Recyclables will not be picked up in alleys - the bin must be placed at your curb.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please review our answers to frequently asked questions or contact Dependable Sanitation at 225-9316.