Watering Restrictions

Watering between

5:00 pm - 11:00 am


1” per week is all you need

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Creating a beautiful lawn, healthy and drought resistant plants, according to Clemson Cooperative Extension Home & Garden Information Center’s 2015 HGIC 1804 Landscape Irrigation Management Part 5: Irrigation Time of Day, can be achieved by regular irrigation. Though the absolute best time of day to water is still debated late afternoon before sunset and early morning before 10:00 am is the best range of time to waters. Regular overnight watering becomes an issue ONLY if the area is routinely over-irrigated which could result in an increase instances of disease.

Thoroughly water once a week long enough to achieve about 1” of water evenly applied to all parts of your lawn or garden, without run off, is the rule of thumb generally accepted. Your plants and pocketbook will thank you for not watering during the heat of the day. For example, if, under ideal conditions, it takes two hours to achieve 1” of water it could take twice as long during the heat of the day when the humidity is lowest and the winds are the strongest. Such conditions evaporate some water before even reaching the plants and wind drift will result in spotty application. Plants, like your body, when properly hydrated can stand up to the heat of the day, low humidity and loss of water due to evapotranspiration much better than those that have been inadequately prepared.

The City of Aberdeen has permanent restrictions for irrigation from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. This restriction is intended to promote good irrigation habits which in turn will result in healthy, beautiful landscapes and gardens giving you a wonderful green space to enjoy.

Year-Round Water Use Guidelines

The City of Aberdeen has year-round watering restrictions. The intent of the restrictions is to encourage water use when it is most advantageous to the plants being given the water.

Irrigation Defined

Irrigation, as defined in Ordinance June 6, 2006, is the act of or process of watering or wetting landscaping, grass, trees, plants, and/or other vegetation by causing water from the city’s water utility to flow upon, over, through, or into property with sprinklers, sprinkler hoses, soaker hose(s) (water weeping types), drip irrigation systems, in-ground irrigation systems, or by other similar means. Irrigation includes the application of water by handheld hose, bucket, or other manual means of water application.

Use of Private Wells

Privates wells can be used during these hours if the owners wish to use them.

Application for Exemption

In the instance of seeding or new sod, an application for exemption can be submitted to the water superintendent for approval.

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