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Notice to All Bidders

Due to problems with past bids, the City of Aberdeen has implemented a process to ensure all bids conform to the information provided in the published set of bid documents downloaded from the website.

Of particular concern is the calculation of bid security. Specific instructions for the acceptable calculation of bid security is provided in Section B-2 of the Instructions to Bidders portion of the bid document.

Each bid packet contains a checklist that will be the guideline followed when opening bids. The items on the checklist address problem areas of submitted bids. The applicable sections are noted with each item on the checklist to give bidder direction for clarification.

The bidder is advised to ensure their bid conforms to all items on the checklist. If your bid does not address all of the items on the checklist it is likely that the City Council will not consider your bid.

The City Council will not consider any bid that is not signed and sealed as per the instructions, does not include the 10% bid bond or 5% certified or cashier’s check, or does not acknowledge that the bid is firm.

Contact Us

If there are questions or concerns that you have prior to submitting your bid, please feel free to contact the City of Aberdeen at 605-626-7010. We will do everything that we can to help.