Industrial Waste Pretreatment

Industrial Pretreatment Program

The Industrial Pretreatment Program regulates the pollutants that certain industries in Aberdeen discharge to the sanitary sewer. The industries take samples of their industrial discharges and have the samples analyzed for pollutants. The results of the analysis determines what, if any, chemicals can be discharged into the sewer system.

Protection from Hazardous Pollutants

Regulating area industries protects the water reclamation plant from hazardous pollutants. Certain pollutants can affect the treatment plant and collection system employees, the treatment performance of the plant, or pass through the plant untreated and harm Moccasin Creek. Several industries in Aberdeen are regulated through this program.

Regulating Discharges

The mechanism used to regulate all of the controllable discharges is Chapter 54 of the Revised Ordinances of Aberdeen, better known as Aberdeen’s sewer use ordinance. Through this ordinance, certain industries are issued discharge permits that detail the concentration of pollutants which can be safely discharged to the sanitary sewer system. If an industry exceeds the concentrations listed in the permit (or any other condition listed), then the city will take enforcement against the industry to ensure compliance with the ordinance. Enforcement can range from written warnings to fines to severing the sewer service.

Compliance Status of Permitted Industrial Users

Currently all permitted users are in compliance with the sewer use ordinance. If an industry violates a provision of its permit, the industry's name, nature, and duration of the violation will be listed here.