Flooding & Groundwater Issues

Groundwater Issues

Excess water that flows into sewer pipes from groundwater and stormwater is called infiltration and inflow.

Cause & Effect

Groundwater (infiltration) seeps into sewer pipes through holes, cracks, joint failures, and faulty connections. Stormwater (inflow) rapidly flows into sewers via roof drain downspouts, household sump pumps and drain tile, storm drain cross-connections, and through holes in manhole covers. Most infiltration and inflow is caused by aging infrastructure that needs maintenance or replacement.

Spring & Heavy Rains

The Aberdeen Water Reclamation Plant deals with infiltration and inflow issues almost every spring and every heavy rain event. Some infiltration and inflow is expected but the amount of groundwater lately has been way above normal. View flood clean-up tips.

Example Issues

Groundwater causes the following issues:
  • Water Reclamation plants treat an estimated additional two million gallons per day from sump pumps alone
  • Sewer backups occur because of overwhelmed aging infrastructure
  • Prematurely ages pumps and other equipment at the plant and in the collection system
  • Costs hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in additional electrical, labor, and equipment costs

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