Applications & Permits

Work Requiring Permits

Permits are required any time work is done within the city right of way. Examples of areas that require permits include:
  • Boulevards
  • Curbs
  • Driveway approach aprons
  • Gutters
  • Sidewalks

Call to Confirm Right to Begin Work

A list of licensed excavators and concrete contractors is available from the Engineering or Public Works departments at 605-626-7010. It is better to call before work begins to make sure that you have the right to do the work. If permits are not obtained where required, penalties may be assessed.

Building Permits Required

No building or structure regulated by the city's Municipal Code shall be erected, constructed, altered, enlarged, repaired, moved, converted, or demolished without first obtaining a building permit. As of January 1, 2007, a building permit is required for replacement of windows and doors. View a list of exemptions.

Building Permit Forms

Obtaining a building permit requires applying at the Building, Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement office in City Hall located at 123 South Lincoln Street, and payment of a fee*. It may be helpful to view our forms online to see what information will be requested concerning your particular project.

For More Information

The Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement Department requires that setbacks from property lines be met. If you have any questions or need to find the specific setbacks for your zoning area, please call Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement at 605-626-7017.

*Permit fees listed on the Building Fee Schedule are approximate and usually vary slightly from amounts actually charged. Please do not complete checks prior to visiting City Hall.