Crime Free Housing

Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental PropertyCrime Free Housing

Even though no program can guarantee that there will never be any criminal activity on a property, the Crime Free Multi-Housing program has shown that it can help make a property safer and better for tenants. The program has shown a national average of 50%-60% reduction in crime and/or police calls for those properties actively working with the program.

The program is designed to be a partnership between owners, tenants, and law enforcement to help keep drug and criminal activity out of rental property. Crime prevention methods including management training, security surveys of properties, and information for tenants. These tools, along with manager following-up on criminal complaints, allow managers to better control the atmosphere. 

When a property is enrolled in the program, the manager or owner will be emailed a synopsis of the event whenever a crime is reported on that property.

By using the Crime Free Lease Addendum and standards, managers are able to prevent potential criminal behavior from moving onto the property. This creates a safer place for the residents to call home. Tenants will stay longer and better care for the property when they feel safe and the property feels like their home. 

The program is based on a national program that originated in Mesa, Arizona in 1992. Aberdeen has been part of this program since 2009 and saw positive results within 3 months of joining.


  • South Dakota criminal background checks on all applicants
  • No registered sex offenders allowed to reside on property
  • No person with a felony drug conviction in the last 5 years allowed to reside on property.
  • No person with a felony assaultive behavior conviction in the last 5 years allowed to reside on property. 
  • Apartment doors will be solid core doors, equipped with with 180-degree eye-viewers, a deadbolt with 1" throw and strike plated installed with 2 1/2 or 3" screws. 
  • Apartment sliding doors and windows will have 2 locks. 
  • Owner/managers will have completed a Crime Free Multi-Housing Manager Seminar.
  • Apartment building will have adequate lighting as determined by Aberdeen Police Department. 

Crime Free Housing goes hand in hand with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.