Virtual Adventures


Experience these exciting adventures, virtually. Escape rooms, science projects, artistic performances, and a whole lot more!

Absolute Science Videos
Watch fun shows about bubbles, fire & ice, lasers, and optical illusions! Maybe you can pick up some magic tricks to try while watching Kayleigh Rogers and Rick Eugene perform some magic shows.   The videos will be available to watch anytime for a year. All of the shows are brought to you by Absolute Science. Absolute Science is an amazingly fun and educational program aimed at children of all ages to become engaged in the world of science through their demonstrations and experiments. You can watch the videos at

Cooking Classes
Virtual Japanese Cooking Class - October - Oyakodon
Watch Kirika Shimmei, the Japan Outreach Initiative Coordinator, make a Japanese main dish for you. The ingredients and directions are part of the video for you to use and follow along.

Japanese Cooking Class - Oyakodon

Virtual Japanese Cooking Class - November- Omaraisu

Kirika Shimmei, the Japan Outreach Initiative Coordinator, brings us another Japanese main dish for you.  Additional information is included in the video so you can cook along with her!

Japanese Cooking Class -Omaraisu

Virtual Escape Rooms 250px-Stranger_Things_logo Click on image to begin escape room.

SD Paranormal Video by Chad Lewis