Charter Revision

Aberdeen Home Rule Charter Amendment

Municipal Election
Tuesday, November 3, 2020    

     Beginning early in 2019, the City Council, through its Charter Revision Subcommittee, began studying and reviewing the Aberdeen Home Rule Charter for purposes of recommending necessary revisions to the voters. This was the first formal review of the Charter since its adoption by the voters in 2004. The City Council conducted a public work session on September 16, 2019, and a public hearing on November 4, 2019, to consider the recommendations of the Subcommittee.  The City Council, on June 15, 2020, adopted Ordinance No. 20-06-01 proposing multiple amendments to the Charter and setting a municipal election on November 3, 2020, for the voters of the City of Aberdeen to approve or reject the proposed changes.  If approved by the voters, the changes to the Charter will become effective on December 3, 2020. 

Aberdeen home Rule Charter Amendment Ordinance (showing all proposed changes)

Aberdeen Home Rule Charter Amendment Ordinance (clean version if all proposed changes are approved)

     The Ordinance shows all proposed changes to the Charter in redlined format.  Any proposed deletion is shown as a strikethrough.  Any proposed addition is underlined.  A blue text box explaining the proposed change follows each section for which a change is recommended, but will be deleted from the publication or printing of the ordinance.

     The Ordinance, if adopted, would comprehensively amend multiple provisions of the Charter.  These revisions comprise a single measure to be accepted or rejected by the voter.

   The primary proposed change to the Charter is the elimination or modification of obsolete language regarding the transition in 2004 from the old commission-form of city government to the current city manager-form of government.

   The amendment also revises when council member salaries may become effective. The Charter currently requires that any council member salary increase be delayed until the council member is elected at the next general election for that council member’s seat. The 5-year terms of the nine council members are staggered to commence on different years so an individual council member may serve nearly an entire term without receiving the salary increase paid to other council members. The amendment would permit a salary increase to become effective for all council members on the date determined by the ordinance.

   The Ordinance also amends the Charter as follows:

  • deletes the requirement that a conveyance or lease of city land for a period longer than one year be by ordinance. The terms used in the section are vague and unnecessary as state law only requires that such leases be by resolution of the council.
  • clarifies the offices of the finance officer and the city attorney to provide that both are appointed and supervised by the council.
  • deletes specific terms of a misdemeanor punishment if a person disobeys a lawful order of the council.
  • clarifies that roll call votes of council members are required only for ordinances, resolutions, and expenditures or appropriations of money. This change is consistent with state law.
  • requires an appointed council member to be subject to the same conditions of office as an elected council member.

   A copy of the Ordinance may be obtained at the City Attorney’s Office.

Aberdeen Home Rule Charter Amendment Ordinance (showing all proposed changes)

Aberdeen home Rule Charter Amendment Ordinance (clean version if all proposed changes are approved)

  City Attorney:

Ron Wager:   

Council Members:

Travis Schaunaman, Mayor:
Justin Reinbold, SW District:
Alan Johnson, SW District:
Dave Lunzman, NW District:
Josh Rife, NW District:
Tiffany Langer, SE District:
Clint Rux, SE District:
Mark Remily, NE District:
Rob Ronayne, NE District: