Administrative Appeal Process

OVERVIEW:  Certain decisions or actions by City Officials can be appealed under the Administrative Appeal process set out in sections 2-510 to 2-516 of the Aberdeen City Code.  

ATTENTION:  Certain decisions or actions by City Officials cannot be appealed under this Administrative Appeal Process:
A decision by a code enforcement official is appealed to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.
A decision by the City Council or Zoning Board of Adjustment is appealed to circuit court.
A Summons/Complaint citation for an ordinance violation is adjudicated in magistrate court.
A decision by the animal control officer is appealed to the Animal Review Board.
A decision by the city forester is appealed to the Forestry Committee.

An Administrative Appeal requires a written notice of appeal delivered to the responsible official or the department director either in person or postmarked within 15 days of when you received the decision.

The City has a notice of appeal form available for use, but this form is not required.

A processing fee of $75 is required for each appeal.  The processing fee is refunded if the appellant is successful.  A hardship waiver is available in lieu of the processing fee.  The hardship waiver (a separate form) is filed simultaneously with the notice of appeal and approved by the hearing examiner.

Appeal hearings are conducted by an independent hearing examiner within 30 days of filing.

Documents For Filing An Administrative Appeal