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  1. Bid Submission Form - 1

    Reply form to be filled out by those downloading bid documents for plan holder list

  1. Bid Submission Form - 2

    Reply form to be filled out by those downloading bid documents which will be added to the plan holders list


  1. Ask A Librarian

    Form to ask questions or any sort.

  2. Coming Soon! New Title Release Request
  3. Get Published Now Writers' Workshop-Zoom

    Writer’s Workshop-Get Published Now: Tuesday, November 17th at 6:30 PM Attend this virtual workshop through Zoom and learn how to... More…

  4. Purchase Request For Library Materials

    Form for patrons to to request the purchase of library materials.

  5. Trivia Tuesday Zoom Registration

    Trivia Tuesday is a program in which teams compete against each other in answering questions from various topics. Typically this... More…

  1. Book Club Zoom Registration Form
  2. Community Room Reservation Cancellation Form

    Please use this form to cancel your community room reservation. You must complete this form or call the Community Room Coordinator at... More…

  3. One-on-One Technology Appointment Form

    Confused by our catalog? Would you like Hands-on help with one or more of our databases? Sign up for an hour of Tech assistance! You... More…

  4. Technology Appointment Request Form

    Please complete and submit the information below to schedule a one-on-one help session. A staff member will call you to schedule a... More…

  5. Virtual Japanese Cooking With Zoom

    Join us from your home on Zoom with Kirika Shimmei who is the Japan Outreach Initiative Coordinator from NSU. She will be... More…