2016 Engineering Infrastructure Projects

2016 Infrastructure Projects

The following is a list of the city's 2016 major improvement projects:
  1. 8th Avenue NW Reconstruction
  2. Rolling Hills Holding Pond
  3. Moccasin Creek Restoration Project
  4. 3rd Avenue SE Re-Surfacing
  5. Mill and Overlay Project
  6. Concrete Street Rehabilitation
  7. Accessible Quadrant Replacement Program
  8. Trenchless Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
  9. 2nd Street Signal Upgrades
  10. North Boyd Street/Sacred Heart Storm Sewer Holding Pond
  11. Public Works Asphalt Patching and Chip Sealing Project
  12. Lamont Street Turn Lane Improvements
  13. Civic Arena/Theater Parking Lot
  14. Public Works Storage Building
  15. South Rock Street Holding Pond
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Please note: The numbers correspond with the project locations detailed on the project map