Land of Oz

Sponsorship Gift List

Below is a listing of sponsorship opportunities for Aberdeen's Land of Oz. To discuss a tax-deductible contribution plan that fits your needs, please contact the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department at 605-626-7015.

Note: Contributions of lesser amounts than the total sponsorship cost will also be accepted. List revised April 9, 2018.

Items for Sponsorship

Dorothy's Farmstead
Price / Sponsor
Farmhand $7,000
Hay Wagon Slide $1,500 (multiple sponsors)
Chicken Swing Set
$1,500 (multiple sponsors)

Munchkin Land Price / Sponsor
Shade Structure $40,000
Munchkin Land Flowers
Price Available Upon Request
Playground Unit $100,000
Red Brick Pavers (5,700 square feet) $6 per square foot ($34,200 total)
Plaza Deck $25,000
Sitting Bench with Oz Character $7,000

Haunted Flying Monkey Forest
Price / Sponsor
Two Flying Monkeys carrying Dorothy or Scarecrow $20,000 for complete set

Emerald City and Plaza
Price / Sponsor
Emerald City Activity Hall Contact the Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department for more information
The Wizards Balloon Basket $3,500

Land of Oz Carousel
Price / Sponsor
Carousel Horses $2,000 per horse

For More Information

If you have any questions, please review the Planned Giving Brochure or contact the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department at 605-626-7015.